Coronavirus AND ssd

To all our SSD customer’s,

Throughout the pandemic we have continued working hard in our factory to ensure we have all spare parts in stock to help our customers, abattoirs and slaughter houses to stay open and in full working order during this difficult time.

To ensure we maintain our high standard of service SSD are adhering to all COVID-19 safety advice and restrictions. Throughout the factory we ensure all staff are following social distancing measures, hand washing measures and have access to face coverings & gloves. We do this to protect both our staff and client’s health and to ensure we continue working to full capacity to ensure the great service SSD has always delivered.

NOTE: when visitors come to the factory please use the hand sanitiser at all entry points, sign in for track and trace, follow social distancing measures and wear a mask to ensure the safety of yourself and our employees.

Please contact us for any help, queries or information.

Stay safe.

Best regards
Chris Wright & the SSD team.