Stainless Steel Designs Ltd in Nottingham, England.
Have over 60 years of Global Gut Room experience.
SSD are specialists in Natural Casing Cleaning Machinery
& Animal By-product Processing equipment


  • Manure stripping machines of all sizes and capacities for emptying Hog, Sheep and Beef intestine, gastronomic content.
  • Tongue feed, Side feed and Automatic machines designed for massaging the Mucosa layer inside of Hog, Sheep and Beef Natural Casings.
  • Finishing machines for the de-sliming and de-threading of the mesentery membrane.
  • De-fatting and de-sliming machines for Beef rounds and Beef middle Casings.
  • SSD offer different solutions for the complete Gut Room design and processing of Animal By-products.
  • SSD pride themselves on their first-class installations, exclusive commissioning and operator training.

Contact the team at SSD for any further information, quotes or advice and we will be happy to help.

  • Machines Designed To Customer Requirements
  • Pattern Manufactured Spare Parts
  • Skilled & Experienced Engineers
  • Competitive Maintenance Agreements
  • Responsive Repairs & Component Replacements
  • Full Design & Installation Services

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