A. The SSD under water casing conveyor guarantees pre-soak conditioning, to elevating conveyor transfer point on a hog casing cleaning line.

B. This picture shows a second stripper crusher machine and maximum Mucosa recovery on two hog casing cleaning lines.

C. Quality hog casings feeding into a stripper crusher machine (note - no holes during Mucosa removal).

D. Again, hog casings feeding into a stripper crusher machine.

E. This picture shows a hog casing finishing machine. The view is of the feeding side with the thread removal chute exposed (note – no broken casings in the thread tray).

F. This picture shows the delivery side of a hog casing finishing machine with beautifully clean casings emerging and falling into the cold water recycling tank.

G. This picture shows clean hog casings before salting.

H. This picture shows perfectly cleaned hog casings immediately after salting and bundling.