About Us
Stainless Steel Designs Ltd design and manufacture the optimum Stainless Steel Sausage Casing Cleaning Machinery for producing the finest Natural Hog, Sheep and Beef Casings.

Chris Wright (formally of Holdijk and Haamberg UK Ltd) and Peter Chamberlain (formally of Ernest A Bitterling Ltd) have developed the most innovative range of Stainless Steel, Natural Sausage Casing cleaning and Animal by-product processing equipment.

Stainless Steel Designs engineering expertise enables the production of equipment to suit the needs of today’s food processing companies with speed, quality and reliability.
Proven engineering technology enables us to produce the finest equipment to suit the needs of today’s processor.
In operation: safety, economy and low noise levels are our main design criteria.
Our trusted range of Stainless Steel casing machinery is often supplied with hot and cold water recycling to save up to 75% of water consumption, along with tanks, tables and conveyors etc. for the complete Gut room project.
SSD are proud to offer their natural casing machinery with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty which also provides service and support worldwide with a next day spare parts network.

Stainless Steel Designs also offer the servicing and repair of old Bitterling – Hilco – Holdijk + Haamberg GmbH and Stridhs Animal Gut cleaning machines.
SSD produce pattern manufactured (and in most cases superior) replacement parts for most Natural Casing Machinery, many of which are kept in stock for quick delivery throughout the world.

SSD provide a range of Gut room accessories such as Gut knives, blades and selecting equipment. Salting and Netting machines.

Stainless Steel Designs also produce food grade rollers (POLYIMERS BS.FDA). Our food grade rollers are colour coded to ensure SSD roller origin traceability and accountability.

The inherent design of SSD machines allows the recovery of the valuable by-product Heparin from Mucosa. Additional equipment can be provided to transfer the Mucosa onto the second recovery stage using our Thread emulsifying machines and Mucosa pumps.

SSD have provided our world class slaughter house equipment to many prestigious companies in the industry.